HR & Team management

HR & Team management

HR & Team management Let’s take a look at some team management tips that will make your job easier Hiring the right people is crucial for the success of your business and that’s why entrepreneurs should have a formal hiring … Read More

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation Did you know where is your customer? Who is your market persona? We will help you to find the general character profile of your customers and define your marketing persona & target audience How to Target 19-25-Year-Olds Locally, … Read More

Idea Collaboration

Idea Collaboration We use different brainstorming techniques to generate ideas for every situation. With strong data analysis as a fundament we are focused to find the best way for your company and products. From small details and present to those … Read More

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan From Consulting to Executing With our experience in digital solution for more than 70 different project we covered one of the hardest user experience design. From development on web & e-commerce solution to execute the marketing plans … Read More

Analysis the KPI

Analysis the KPI KPI analysis is about making the most out of what the performance indicators are showing. The value of the constant analysis resides in the quality of the KPI data, the quality of the data and of course the skills of the business … Read More