Digital Marketing & Operating Procedures


Digital Marketing & Operating Procedures is a system of checklists and templates to scale up your marketing campaign operations and help you scaling fast. Templates & procedures is ready to use and brandet with your company and logo design. All procedures is step by step guide how to manage your digital channels. All templates including notes and relevant proposal how to use them. We need an additional information like your logo and website/mokup or colours. All materials are personally created for individual customer up to 2 business days after correct order


Time safe


Safe money

Reduces stress

Ready to use

Your design

Stop Trading Your Time for Money

Some of benefit :

Easily delegate tasks,
Accelerate training and onboarding
Master new marketing channels
Power up your in-house marketing efforts
Save time and resources
Automate and scale your processes

What including : 

1. Perform an on-page SEO audit 
2. Add Google Tag Manager to your WordPress site
3. Installing the Facebook Pixel 
4. Creating UTM URLs to track campaigns
5. Creating a Cart-Abandonment Remarketing campaign using Facebook Ads
6. Adding Google Analytics to a site (using GTM)
7. Create a Facebook Ads Account using Business Manager
8. Launching a Guest-Blogging Link-Building campaign
9. Adding Google Ads Global Site Tag to your web site ( GTM)
10.Creating Google Ads Account
11.Setting up Facebook Conversion Tracking
12.Starting an Infographic Link Building campaign
13.Create Conversion Goals in Google Analytics
14.Adding Google Ads conversion tracking using GTM
15.Resources Page Link-Building Outreach
16.How to create a lookalike audience
17.Start and manage your editorial calendar
18.Performing a social media audit
19.Starting a social media calendar
20.Create a Lead-gen Landing Page 
21. Implementing and Analyzing Heat maps on your site
22. How to Optimize WordPress to speed up
23. How to Setup Google Optimize to run A/B tests on your site 
24. How to structure, run, and analyze an A/B Test on your site
25. How to launch a lead generation campaign with Facebook Lead ads
26. Granting access to Facebook Business Manager
27. How to manage user access for Google Ads
28. How to add Google Tag Manager
29. Create a Facebook Ads Creative Brief
30. How to add Google Analytics to Store
31. How to add a Facebook Pixel
32. How to structure your Facebook Ad Account
33. How to select your Facebook Ads campaign objective
34. How to launch a link building campaign for your existing content
35. How to apply a naming convention to your Facebook Ads Account
36. How to select your Facebook Ads Targeting
37. How to plan your Facebook Ads Campaigns
38. Create quick and beautiful Google Data Studio Dashboards and Reports
39. Set up Google Analytics alerts to monitor your main KPIs
40. How to Map Your Sales Funnel
41. Reverse-engineer a competitor’s Email Marketing Strategy
42. Reverse engineer your competitor’s Facebook Ads Strategy
43. Reverse engineer your competitor’s Google Ads Strategy
44. Reverse engineer your competitor’s traffic sources
45. Reverse engineer your competitor’s Backlink Strategy
46. Reverse engineer your competitor’s Keyword Strategy
47. Setting up Pinterest Conversion Tracking using GTM
48. Setting up Twitter Conversion Tracking using GTM
49. Verifying ownership of your domain in Facebook Business Manager
50. Configuring your Facebook Ads conversion events
51. Create an Automated Facebook Ads Report
52. Audit a Facebook Ads Account
53.  Create a Facebook Ads strategy proposal deck
54. Migrating Facebook Ad Accounts and Pages from a Personal Facebook Profile to Facebook Business Manager
55. Create a Facebook Ads Creative Brief
56. Facebook Ad Campaign Master Checklist