Customer segmentation

Do you know where is your customer? Who is your marketing persona?

We will help you find your customers’ general character profiles and define your marketing persona & target audience.

How to Target 19-25-Year-Olds Locally, or Why teens matter, Millennials or Generation X is your top target? 

The old marketing rules won’t work on today’s young-adult consumer either. In the past, you could lean on celebrity endorsements, dramatic campaigns, and splashy graphics to wow a young consumer, but a 25-to-37-year-old just won’t buy it.

If you are a good marketer, you probably know the channel that they come from, but do you know where to find your customer:

How do they spend their time? What digital presence do they have? What do they prefer – Facebook & LinkedIn or Instagram & TikTok?

With our AI-powered digital customer segmentation tool, you will find where your customer is in the digital world. Our main pillars of segmentation are geographies, demographics, psychographics and behavioural.

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