Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Did you know where is your customer? Who is your market persona?

We will help you to find the general character profile of your customers and define your marketing persona & target audience

How to Target 19-25-Year-Olds Locally, or Why teens matter, Millennials or Generation X is your top target? 

The old rules of marketing just won’t work on today’s young-adult consumer either. In the past, you could lean on celebrity endorsements, dramatic campaigns, and splashy graphics to wow a young consumer, but 25-to-37-year-old just won’t buy it.

If you a good marketer probably know the channel that they come from, but did you know where to find your customer:

Spend they are time – What digital presence they have – What they prefer Facebook & LinkedIn or Instagram & Ticktock?

With our own AI powered tool for digital customer segmentation you will find where is your customer is in digital world. Our main pillars of segmentation is geographies, demographics, psychographics and behavioral.

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