Marketing Strategy

Hello Marketers 🙂 what’s the problem here? 

Digitalization Problem

Lack of Proper Skills.

Lack of Corporate Vision.

Lack of a Digital Transformation Strategy.

Driving Adoption of New Tools & Processes.

Lack of Expertise and Change Management Strategy.

Budget & Team Constraints to deliver digital innovation.

Complex Plan, Instructions & organizational capabilities.

And even more problems in your Marketing strategy:

Not having a clear vision & strategy
Failing to create a plan & budget
Not knowing who your consumers are
Not being aware of your uniqueness
Straying from producing evergreen content
Not tracking your results
Team skills & growing
Marketing channels mix

Any problem have a solution

Marketing strategy
Marketing budget and planning
Customer persona
SWAT, Market & competitors
Content marketing strategy
Reporting & analysis
Operating procedures & knowledge base
Marketing plan

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

What is our mission

To help and prepare for you marketing strategies, templates and tips, branded with your company logo and unique design, created specifically for your business needs. All materials are custom made.

Ready to scale your business?

Set up your marketing & sales process
Themplates & how to do that 94%
Helping build your digital strategy
Partner to Sales and Finance in developing growth strategies 91%
Business & Team Setup organization
Make your WinTeam 96%


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Marketing Strategy Megapack

All checklists, templates & documents : in Strategy, Operation & Performans products! BONUS: 50+ Marketing strategy technics; 50+ Strategy models for digital age; 50+ The $0 Marketing tools; 10 Marketing trends for 2023 & what to do;

Business and Marketing setup include:

6 strategy+6 operation templates to set up your marketing activity


Marketing & Operating Procedures:

60+ checklists and templates to scale up your marketing


Execute digital marketing tasks

Step-by-step instructions worksheet that show you how to scale

The Marketing Strategy will give you clear, actionable steps that will:

Increase your knowing

Save your time and money

Easily learn & delegate tasks

Build an in-house marketing team

Automate and scale your processes & business

Be capable of dealing with even the most complex tasks

Go from beginner to world-class marketer in no time

Forget about online tutorials that only waste your time beating around the bush. This is step by step what and how to do it template, custom made whit your logo in your way in your companyyour own! It’s very thorough and therefore very useful for everyone who needs to make an new digital business or audit of their online marketing strategy and everyone who wants to make the Marketing channels  more efficient. It can also be used as a learning tool, as every position on the list has a step-by-step explanation of how to do it with more information and examples of usage.

"Invest in yourself. When you do this, you press the fast-forward button on your success." - John Lee Dumas

Time safe


Save money

Reduces stress

Ready to use

Your design

More than 700 Digital business owners have already growth, because of this strategy.

5 star service


Who we are

10 years of experiance since 2013 Consulting intended for the major departments and business functions of the enterprise

Our experiance & expertize


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The business said

Absolutely mind blowing, saves me hours in my digital business and team managment. its helped us increase our conversion rate
Stan Kolev
Marketing Manager at Farma sector
We've be implemented a lot of the tactics in this guide and save a lot of time for research, strategy and execution
Kelly Digam
CMO at
Digital agency
Impressed by the level of the detail & grateful for the step by step simply process for all documents and templates. Thank you for your support
Mark Klaterman
COO at
Finacial sector
This is superb! From now on all I need is that strategy to show my team what's their current status and what they need to do! I LOVE IT!
Joan Rivers
CMO at Marketplace business
You guys are the best! Literally saved me hours of time, I use it to improve my product. Keep up the great work!
Maria Yankova
Co-founder at Logistic company
The added value here is off the charts! Absolutely amazing resource saving time & money! Keep the good work!
Kate Livani
Digital marketing at
e-commerce company


Аll templates and documents are ready to be filled with information about you, your company, business and products. Each section has hints and guidelines for simplicity steb by step. 

A digital strategy is a plan for maximizing the business benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives. Find the ultimate guide for marketing strategy and key components of a digital strategy with examples and explanations

Automate boring processes with systems that work for you – so you can put your effort where it really matters. Take advantage of our fully customizable step by step operating procedure and adapt them to your specific needs, so you stop trading your time for money.

What including in diferent packages


Business and Marketing setup include:

6 strategy+6 operation templates to set up your marketing activity


  • Customer persona
  • Annual Marketing Budget 
  • Content Marketing Strategy 
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing strategy plan
  • Social media strategy
  • BONUS 6 operation templates “how to”


Marketing & Operating Procedures:

60+ checklists and templates to scale up your marketing


  • SEO check list + tips
  • Google integration, accounting Analysis and advertising
  • Social platform management, implementing & advertising
  • Remarketing & retargeting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Competitor present
  • A/B test
  • Digital strategy


Execute digital marketing tasks

Step-by-step instructions worksheet that show you how to scale


  • SEO Audit Worksheet
  • Guest Blogging & Link Building
  • Google Analytics conversion tracking
  • Social Media Audit
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Funnel Designer Tool
  • Ads Campaign Strategy Proposal
  • Marketing check list
  • 0€ Marketing Tools